System Development

You certainly know that Information Technology is critical to your success. You also know that what makes you on top of things today most likely will not be enough tomorrow. Developments in the market, at your customers and within technology, everything moves so quick that you constantly have to be prepared for changes. In the company’s business activities as well as with its IT solutions.

We at AddPro are well-aware of this too. Therefore, we have two point of reference that we never deviate from an inch.

The first relates to that all IT development takes place together with the business activities at the client. We do not take a single step before we understand what makes you successful and what challenges your business faces. Irrespective of whether it is a new platform for the entire IT environment or a single application. Every step we take subsequently takes place together with the company.

The second point of reference: since each client has its unique requirements, challenges and ways of doing business, every IT solution must be particularly customized to their specific needs. At the same time, it must be able to keep up with the constant changes that characterizes daily life for us all.

With deep knowledge surrounding a variety of types of activities, based on experience from both the public sector and equally as well the business community, we have a better chance than most to understand your business and see what factors determine your success.

Even if whatever the particular technology is, is not something users care very much about, it may be worthwhile to know that our main supplier is Microsoft and thus our preference for technology platform is .Net.

Our investment in Microsoft solutions for many years has made us one of their main partners in Sweden, with a proven exceptional ability to develop the right solution for each client. Today and tomorrow.

Jörgen Pålson