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AddPro has nearly 200 of the industry’s most talented, most experienced IT specialists. But you do not choose to work with us for the sake of technology alone. You are looking for results. Results that admittedly requires the right technology, but that can never come about without the right behavior.

Therefore, we will help you change the way your organization and individual employees work. This may be anything from how your employees utilize individual tools and utilities, to changing or creating new processes. Or even turn your whole mindset of what an office is, and how it might work to make employees as efficient and productive as possible, upside down.

Specifically, we will help you by providing the right technical preconditions and by holding workshops at your premises.


  • IT-Security
  • DiscoverIT
  • IT For Business
  • Prestandaanalys
  • Sunshine Computing
  • Windows 10 Readiness

Remember that technology alone does not create results. It’s how you use it that determines your successes.

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